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We are a non-ferrous metal’s merchant set up in early 2016 by its management with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Switzerland. We are expanding our presence through new offices and representations to serve our global network of producers and consumers.

Our team of professional traders and operators have many years’ experience in the merchant business, gained at large trading houses, financial institutions and mining companies. We have a proven track record of building sustainable, profitable metal trading businesses.

We have a good understanding of the markets we operate in; we understand the products and production processes, we understand the needs of the producers, consumers, and merchants we choose to work with, we understand logistics, local rules & regulations and cultural differences. We understand the risks associated with the metals merchant business, such as, market risk, credit risk, operational risk, reputitional risk, and we know how to manage these risks.

Our aim is to provide a sustainable return on capital for our shareholders by using our knowledge and experience to identify and capitalize on opportunities in the market and to provide innovative solutions for our extensive network of producers and consumers.


Through long-term off take agreements with our global network of producers, we secure a sustainable supply to our consumers.

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